Wonder Wafers® is now available in the Philippines!

Being the first of its kind in the market, it has revolutionized the way air fresheners should be -- foolproof! The uniqueness of WONDER WAFERS® stems from intensive reseach and development. WONDER WAFERS® uses only specially woven paper blend that absorbs abd permeates air freshener perfume oils effectively. More importantly, the proprietary formulated blend of high-grade lifters and realistically true perfume oils has been tested to perfection that it was awarded a U.S. Patent.

WONDER WAFERS® work much better than liquid air fresheners simply because they release the perfume oils evenly and perfectly over a period of time instead of being overwhelming in the beginning and weakening too rapidly. WONDER WAFERS® are extremely cost effective versus all leading liquid air fresheners.

WONDER WAFERS® are so small you can use them anywhere:

  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Drawers
  • In the garage
  • Inside trash cans to help keep them smelling fresh
  • Place a WONDER WAFER® near your cooling vents to help circulate the fragrance

Remove the wafer from plastic seal. Place one wafer under the car seat. Do NOT place wafer on dashboards, seats, consoles, wooden surfaces, floor mats, furniture or any visible carpet area.

Coming soon...
  • Piña Colada
  • Strawberry
  • Baby Powder

Click here for information about Wonder Wafers® Material Safety Data Sheet.
Available Scents:  
Clean Car Smell Wonder Wafers CLEAN CAR

Wonder Wafers Clean Car provides a clean and fresh smell for your automobile's interior. This Clean Car fragrance is easy to apply and works immediately upon application. Whether you have a bad odor or just want to regain that clean and fresh smell again, Wonder Wafers Clean Car scent will do the job.

New Car Smell Wonder Wafers NU CAR

Want to recapture the new car smell? Now you can find the solution with our Nu Car® air freshener. Wonder Wafers Nu Car® is used by professional auto detailers and auto dealerships worldwide. Professionals understand the importance of the new car smell by providing their customers with a Nu Car® air freshener that lasts. Nu Car®, an air freshener wafer is easy to use. Just place the Nu Car® wafer under your car seat and.....Done! You will capture the Nu Car® smell that will make each ride enjoyable. If you are looking for the new car smell, the Wonder Wafers Nu Car® smell is the right air freshener for you car.

New Leather Car Smell Wonder Wafer NEW LEATHER

Some individuals would prefer leather interior over cloth. People who have leather interior realize the leather smell soon goes away from the date of purchase of their new automobile. Not to worry! whether your car interior is new or used, capturing the leather smell is easy with Wonder Wafers. Wonder Wafers New Leather is the best air freshener to restore the leather smell in your auto. Achieving the leather smell has never been easier, in fact, you will have that leather odor instantly upon application. Car fanatics nationwide seek out and use Wonder Wafers New Leather for that craving new car leather smell. If you crave the unique leather smell for your auto, than Wonder Wafers New Leather scent is the best air freshener for you.

Fresh Lemons Car Smell Wonder Wafer FRESH LEMON

A very clean and special blend of lemon that is very appealing, cooling, and refreshing. A very mouth watering scent, smells just like fresh lemons and very refreshing scent for hot summer days. We may be one of the few that carries this remarkable scent. Perfect scent for your bedroom, living room, automobile and also bathroom.

Jasmine Car Smell Wonder Wafer JASMINE

A very fresh and floral blend of jasmine that is very appealing, exhilirating, and refreshing. The floral scent smells just like fresh jasmine and will breeze out even the hottest of the summer days. We may be one of the few that carries this remarkable scent. Perfect scent for your bedroom, living room, automobile and also bathroom.

Wonder Wafers supports a global eco-friendly enrionment by using earth friendly components as possible in their manufacturing process.

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