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What is a Wonder Wafer?
Wonder Wafers® are the "first of its kind" ultra scented Wafer Air Fresheners that are so unique - they received a U.S. Patent in 2000 and currently have several more Patents Pending. After their introduction -- Wonder Wafers® grew in such popularity that they are the preferred air freshener choice of many industries around the globe.

Wonder Wafers® are the most demanded and talked about air fresheners in the world! Over 500 million Wonder Wafers® sold worldwide! Their unique formulation is designed to outlast average car air fresheners.

Wonder Wafers® are used in thousands of various auto care centers and have become the #1 choice throughout the industry in the USA and are now available here in the Philippines!

"Galing! I've tried clean car scent and hindi nga masakit sa ilong. The smell is just great people riding my car keeps on noticing it. Highly recommended!"
- Cezly Torres, BPO Company Senior Account Director
  • They are quick and convenient to use.
  • Individually wrapped for freshness
  • Friendly smell that is safe for kids and toddlers. NON-TOXIC so they are safe to use around children and pets.
  • Perfect for cars, rooms, offices and other areas with air conditioning.
  • Designed to outlast average car air fresheners.
  • Work much better than liquid air fresheners simply because they release the perfume oils evenly and perfectly. No more inconsistent and overpowering liquid sprays or aerosols.
  • No more waste or spills.
  • No more messy spray bottles. Extremely cost effective versus all leading liquid air fresheners.
  • No more expensive dispensers / applicator machines to buy and maintain.
  • No more carpet cleaning if the wrong scent is applied
    -- simply remove the Wafer!
  • No more guessing if air freshener is applied properly.
  • Environment-friendly packaging.
  • Greatly reduces the chance of staining or damage to your car interior.
"Wonder Wafers is a unique air freshener because it has a very relaxing scent, very hand and affordable too. I use it in my treatment rooms. Plus, its organic too."
- Bernadette Dinco, Manager Soneva Spa

"My kids used to get nauseous with practically all the fresheners I've tried before.I've tried almost everything out there. My kids love the clean car scent and each ride is worry and vomit free now. Thanks to wonder wafers clean car scent! Highly recommended for moms like me!"
- Madelyn Cabrejas, Manning Agency Operation/IT Officer

Great for Gifts too!
We deliver straight to your loved one's doorstep in 1 day after we confirm your order.
    Wonder Wafers® are sold and used by thousands Of:
  • Car Care & Car Detailing Shops & Centers
  • Auto Car Body Shops
  • Bus Transport Companies
  • Car Oil/Lube/Repair Centers
  • Car Rental & Limo Services
  • Company Cars
  • Premium Taxi Services
  • Bridal Rental Cars
  • Auto Car Dealerships
  • Promotions
  • Cruise & Passenger Ships
  • Gift Shops
  • Hotels/Inns/Motels
  • Yatch & Marine Stores
  • Households for Bathrooms, Guest Rooms, Living rooms
  • And Many More!!
Wonder Wafers® - World's Most Perfect Airfresheners - Now in the Philippines!

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